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It’s Christmas in September!

Harvest season has begun and we expect to reap gold!

Ferrante's Press Pad is getting to work early this year, including our new Bladder Press which can press nearly 10 times as many grapes as our previous model. 

Along the shores of Lake Erie the Grand Valley Appellation is booming with anticipation and excitement about this year’s grape harvest. While harvest season in the Grand River Valley typically begins in late September, Ferrante Winery officially began their 73rd harvest last week. “Christmas” (for us) has come early!
Northeast Ohio had an extremely warm summer in which our grapes flourished. Generally, extreme very moist and humid conditions aren’t conducive to grape growing. But, when rationed properly by Mother Nature, it creates one of the best environments certain grape varietals.

Winemaker Nick Ferrante explains: “With the higher temperatures the fruit matured faster and only enhanced the sugar content (brix) found in the grapes. The rapid maturity and higher sugar content will aid in the finished product of wine. The flavors and body of the wine will be more prominent than if there were fewer amounts of sugar. Needless to say this year’s vintage will be nothing but promising and of the highest quality.”

Ferrante Winery typically harvests approximately 160 tons of grapes each season. Technology is key to the success and efficiency of such a sizable harvest. We’ve added a new state-of-the-art Bladder Press to our crew, able to press 13 tons of grapes, vs. just 2.5 tons with our older model. The amount of juice from this press of course depends on the grapes.

We expect nothing but the best from this season’s harvest, promising the most exceptional wines and lots of gold medals! We invite you to stop in and check out all the harvesting action!

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