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First Visit = 500 points

Visits 2-10 = 100 points each                     visit

Visits 11+ = 10 points each visit



What rewards are available?

* Tickets to wine events

*Exclusive sweepstakes entries

*Wine accessories & gadgets

* And so much more!


Look For Your Favorite Ferrante Wine at Local Ohio Stores!!


Become an Ohio Wines VIP & be Rewarded!!!

Ohio Wines VIP (Visitor's Incentive Program)

Ohio Wines VIP wants to reward you for visiting Ohio's nearly 200 wineries.  For each participating winery you visit during a 12 month period, you will collect a ticket and receive the following points for each individual visit to that particular winery throughout the year: You may only enter one ticket code per individual winery per day.

It's free and as easy as 1...2...3!

Simply follow the steps below and begin harvesting the rewards!

1.) Register online and receive your free gift for becoming an Ohio Wines VIP

2.) Visit one of Ohio's 200 wineries and begin collecting VIP reward ticket codes

3.) Enter your ticket codes and begin redeeming your points for rewards

Become an Ohio Wines VIP today!




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