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Our Menus & Policies

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Thanks for your interest! Our Various Ferrante Winery & Ristorante Menus are listed below. Planning a group event? We can do that. The Policies page outlines event policies.

Each link below, when clicked, will display the requested page with a return link to get you back to here.

Lunch... The day is more or less half over... at least the boring workday part. Or are you retired? if so, it might be time to determine just when the glass is half empty or half full? We can help with our award winning wines. Maybe some lunch, too?   view lunch menu
Dinner... It's that special time of day when a man (and woman's) interest turns to... well, you know. Dinner! Dare I guess that you are interested in our dinner menu? Look no further.   view dinner menu
Events Policies... Planning a special event luncheon or dinner? We can do that, and it will be our pleasure to make it easy for you to do. Click the link to view our Special Event Policies. And thanks for your interest!   view special events policies
Events Lunch... Planning a special event luncheon? That's one of our specialties. If your group size is 30 or more persons, this menu makes the event a breeze to plan.   view special events lunch
Events Dinner... Planning a special event dinner? Our dinners are filling and delicious. If your group size is 30 or more persons, this menu is the place to start.   view special events dinner
Limited Dinner... Planning a special event dinner with a medium-sized group? Our Limited Dinner menu is available for parties between 20-30 guests. All dinner entrees served with a side salad.   view special events limited dinner

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